4 Ways To Administer CBD To Your Picky Pet

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4 Ways To Administer CBD To Your Picky Pet

We have all faced the struggle of trying to administer medicine to our dog. Sometime the process can be grueling and unsuccessful. We want to make the process of giving your pet CBD as easy as possible! Below are four simple ways to administer CBD without your doggo even knowing. 


One of the easiest ways to give CBD to your dogs without them noticing is by adding it to their water. They likely won’t pick up on the taste or smell of the CBD due to the fact that it is diluted by the water. Bear in mind that some specific breeds like the bloodhound may be more sensitive to the smell of the CBD in their water. For most dogs though, they’ll likely drink the water without perceiving any difference.


Using meat is a great way to capitalize on evolutionary instincts. Leveraging these biological queues can make your life a whole lot easier in general when taking care of a pet, and the same holds true for administering CBD. You can marinate a piece of meat with the CBD oil and then serve it raw — or cook it to perfection if your dog prefers more gourmet meals.

Porous treats

Another great way to sneak the CBD oil into your pet’s diet is by adding it to a porous treat. The key word here is porous. If you try to add CBD to a slippery treat, it will slide off faster than a snail on a buttered knife (yes, I know that’s a strange analogy.) Some meat treats are very absorbent which make them ideal as an infiltration method for your CBD oil. If your dogs start to shy away from their favorite treat, they might be picking up on either the smell or taste of the CBD. Two of the easiest ways to get around this is by either spreading the CBD oil across more treats or using a treat that has a stronger taste and smell. Using treats with vibrant flavors and scents will override the sensory input that the CBD delivers making it virtually invisible to the brain of your dog.


Let us start this tip off with a word of caution: don’t use any pastries that contain chocolate. While these brown bricks may be delicious to us, they are highly toxic to our canine companions. Now that we’ve gotten our warning out of the way, it’s time to move on to the benefits of using pastries to sneak some CBD in. Firstly, most pastries are pretty absorbent meaning it will be easy to soak the CBD oil into it. Furthermore, it’s less messy than coating a raw steak in CBD oil. Much like with the treats, you’ll want to use a pastry that has a strong scent and taste so that your dogs don’t pick up on the CBD.

Where do I get the CBD?

Oh, you’re right, we told you how to get the CBD into their diets but not where to buy it. That’s our bad. Here’s a link to the official Hello CBD shop.